Why You Shouldn’t Buy a “New” Book on Amazon: Critical Linking, October 16

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Amazon, a company Jeff Bezos invented to piss off everyone in the book industry simultaneously, likes to make books as cheap as possible. To that end, this spring they moved third-party options up to the top of the page, sometimes even listing third-party sellers as the default buying option. You might see a “new” option that’s cheaper than Amazon’s actual new option. If you choose that one, here’s who misses out.

You might get tricked into buying a used or remaindered book, to sum up.

Want to see how the novel unfolds? Just add heat. That’s the idea.

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Apparently they actually have plans to market the book. When asked on Instagram, “How can I purchase one of these?,” they replied “We’re working on it! Stay tuned.”

When that day comes, please handle the book with care.

This is a neat heat-sensitive edition of Fahrenheit 451

When F. Scott Fitzgerald penned his masterpiece The Great Gatsby, he drew inspiration from real life locations and people that filled his world. During the roaring twenties, Fitzgerald and his wife Zelda moved to Great Neck, New York. Here, rumor has it that Fitzgerald befriended Mary Harriman Rumsey, a railroad industry heiress, and it is Rumsey’s Long Island mansion that inspired the epic home of the mysterious Jay Gatsby.

Rumsey’s stunning Normandy-style home sits in Sands Point, NY, which in Gatsby’s world was known as the fictional town of East Egg. Are you eager to enter Gatsby’s world of beaucoup d’elegance? Read on to learn more about the home that inspired The Great Gatsby.

The home that inspired Gatsby’s house is for sale!