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Jeff O’Neal, Executive Editor & Co-founder, reads books and writes about them. Before he did this, he taught writing and literature at a large East Coast university. He has the great good fortune of living with his favorite person in the world and their two bright, beautiful children in Portland, OR.

His tweets can be found @thejeffoneal.

photo by PJ Sykes

Rebecca Joines Schinsky, Executive Director, Product & eCommerce, loves books, bourbon, and the kinds of pop culture you’re supposed to call guilty pleasures. When she’s not at Book Riot, she can be found traveling, cooking, doing yoga, and wrangling the world’s most adorable basset hound in her adopted hometown of Richmond, VA.

Her tweets can be found @RebeccaSchinsky.

Amanda Nelson, Managing Editor, digests books and fried green tomatoes with equal enthusiasm. She’s usually to be found having a Narnia-sized adventure somewhere in Richmond, Virginia, with her twin boys. Her dream is to be Jean-Luc Picard and/or Doctor-Donna when she grows up, but Ron Swanson’ll do in a pinch.

Her tweets can be found @ImAmandaNelson.

Kelly Jensen, Associate Editor, blogs at STACKED. She’s a feminist killjoy, pernicious influence, and former librarian who loves black licorice, debating genre, and reading dark YA fiction. Here We Are: Feminism For The Real World is her most recent book.

Find her on Instagram @veronikellymars.

S. Zainab Williams, Associate Editor, is a writer, cartoonist, former Birutė Galdikas wannabe, and hedge witch. Cursed with rampant wanderlust, she lives for travel, and doesn’t know what life even means without writing, books, and drag clubs. You can occasionally find her at her website, or hiding under a wig hissing at joggers from her basement window.

Find her on Instagram @szainabwilliams.

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