The Force is Strong With This Star Wars Gift Guide

It’s that time of year again when we’re all scrambling for ideas of what to gift our loved ones. Thankfully, it’s a great time to be a Star Wars geek. Here are some Star Wars gift suggestions for the people on your “nice” list.

These earrings are a perfect match for your friend who likes to to be a bit more subtle about their geeky accessories. Or who work a real adult person “business” type job and can’t show up to work in a tee and R2-D2 pajama pants.

But hey, if your friend can wear R2-D2 pajamas to work (or would probably enjoy wearing them around their house), there’s an easy gift in that, too.

Have you met porgs yet? Has your friend’s head met one yet?

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May the tea be with you—for two! Any tea-loving and also Star Wars-loving friend surely can’t resist this adorable BB-8 tea set.

Couple gifts are a thing, right? These drink sleeves are pretty rad.

Chances are, your loved one who enjoys Star Wars also enjoys watching Netflix at home now and again. Why not surprise them with this fun little popcorn machine? They’ll probably share with you.

Everyone knows food is way tastier when it’s in fun shapes. Give your loved one the gift of these awesome popsicle molds so they can enjoy their frosty treat even more.

I hope you’ve found this guide useful and that you can find the perfect Star Wars gift for your pal or loved one. Of course, any additional suggestions are more than welcome in the comments section. Happy hunting!