Stephen King Jewelry to Rock in October

October is the greatest month of the year. Finally, all of us horror fanatics can let our freak flags fly. Skulls, zombie make-up, and fake blood once again become easily obtainable at your local Target. For those of us horror literature fans, it’s time to proudly sport jewelry featuring our favorite frightening works of fiction. As 2017 seems to be the year of Stephen King  with two film adaptations of his novels currently in theaters, it’s time to get yourself a fabulous statement piece to show your support for the “King of Horror.” Here are some killer options for Stephen King jewelry:


Pennywise Earrings From Stephen King Jewelry to Rock in October

Pennywise Earrings, $11.01. Are these clown earrings inspired by Stephen King’s It cute? Are they terrifying? Can they be both? Wear them, and see what your friends think.

Bloody Ax Necklace From Stephen King Jewelry to Rock in October

Bloody Axe Necklace, $8.00. Be like Annie Wilkes in Misery. Except instead of wielding an axe against your favorite author, wear a tasteful axe around your neck to show your support.

grady sisters friendship necklaces

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Grady Sisters Friendship Pendants$22.02. Get a set of two necklaces, one for you and one for your best friend. Then, just like the sisters from The Shining, you can play together forever and ever and ever…

carrie book necklaces

Carrie Book Earrings, $16.35. Stephen King has written over fifty novels, but it all started in 1974 with a teenage girl, a prom, and a bucket of pig’s blood. If Carrie is your favorite Stephen King novel, let everyone know with these adorable earrings.

sometimes dead is better bracelet

Sometimes Dead is Better Bracelet, $25.00. The next time you’re considering taking your deceased pet to the nearest Indian burial ground, look down at your new bracelet and remind yourself of what Jud Crandall from Pet Sematary would say. Indeed, sometimes dead is better.

Happy October, fellow horror fiends! (And get more of your Stephen King fix here.)

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