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My Favorite Parts of Neil Gaiman’s Journal

A reader highlights the best parts of Neil Gaiman's journal.

14 Of My Favorite AMERICAN GODS Quotes

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An Open Letter to Bryan Fuller, Re: Geek Love

Dear Bryan Fuller, we have thoughts about a potential GEEK LOVE adaptation.

AMERICAN GODS and the Secret Lives of Your Favorite Characters

The secret lives of AMERICAN GODS characters. Also, meeting Neil Gaiman is awesome.

Before AMERICAN GODS, Gaiman Explored the Brief Lives of Gods in THE SANDMAN

Several years before Neil Gaiman's American Gods, The Sandman built a similar mythos of gods trying to get by long after they've been forgotten.

Book Fetish: Volume 253

Today’s Book Fetish is sponsored by Darth Vader and Family Coloring Book by Jeffrey Brown. Jeffrey Brown’s reimagining of the ...

More Books About Deities for American Gods Fans

Books to read while you wait for the American Gods adaptation.

What To Read After Neil Gaiman’s American Gods

What to pick up after you read (or watch, soon enough!) Neil Gaiman's American Gods.

8 Knitting Projects for Fantasy and Sci-Fi Fans

Because winter is coming.

A Fine And Private Place: On Keeping Books to Yourself

Last week, I went to see Crimson Peak, the new film by Guillermo del Toro. I had been frothing at ...

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Comics & Prose: Alan Moore, Neil Gaiman, and Joe Hill

I think it’s the rare author, particularly these days, who sticks to only one form of writing or another for ...

Baby Got Backlist: The Best Books That Didn’t Come Out In 2013

There were certainly some amazing releases in 2013, but there are no rules that say you have to read new ...

“Without the imaginary, we can’t function” – In conversation with Neil Gaiman

Neil Gaiman has a cold. Not a full blown, honking phlegmy kind of cold, just the mild, almost genial sort ...

Reading AMERICAN GODS on Repeat

This post is part of our Neil Gaiman Reading Day: a celebration of one of our favorite authors on the occasion of the publication ...