9 Buzzy 2019 Releases From BookCon and Book Expo

If you didn't make it to Book Con or Book Expo this year, no worries--this attendee is here to update you on some buzzy 2019 releases seen at the events!

Navigating Graphic Literature, Hockey-Style

A reader on navigating graphic literature with spacial issues, how hockey helped, comics about hockey, and more comics highlighted at Book Expo America.

5 Books From Book Expo I’m Most Surprised to be Excited About

Surprise finds at this year's Book Expo America!

BEA: The Galleys I Waited in Long-Ass Lines For

As I prepped for my first ever BookExpo, I was warned that the lines were nuts and people got pushy. ...

Diverse Titles at Book Expo America

A curated list of some of the upcoming diverse titles heard about at Book Expo America.

On BEA and Looking Critically at Publisher Promotions

The first of a two-part piece taking a hard look at publishing and diversity through the lens of this year's Book Expo America.

BookExpo: Females As Strong As Hell Edition

The rad books about rad ladies hitting shelves soon that you'll need on your TBR.

The Books of BEA: Picture Book Preview

Check out a preview of forthcoming children's books that were featured at Book Expo America.

The Books of BEA: Works in Translation

Upcoming works in translation we discovered at BEA!

The Book Riot Guide to Chicago for Book Expo America

Book Expo America is coming to Chicago! Here's your guide to the Windy City: what to see, eat, watch, and read while you're here.

25 Featured Books by Authors of Color at BEA

This year at Book Expo, diversity seemed to be everywhere and yet it was still hard to find. China’s giant ...

A Self-Published Bright Spot at BEA

I was trekking out of Manhattan after a day of hardcore BEA-ing, transferring trains to head back to Brooklyn, when ...

Return of the Book Jedis: The Well-Readheads at BEA 2014

LH: Once again, we have faced the Javits Center and survived! How was your BEA this year, muffin? RJS: It ...

I Need Diverse Books: BookCon, Donald Sterling, and AMERICANAH

I hope you’ll forgive the cliché, but in the past week, my worlds have collided. Noisily. First, there was BEA’s ...

Blindingly White: BookCon, John Green, and Knowing When It’s Time to Speak Up

The whole BookCon thing sucks. We agree on that, right? As an internet community, we bookish people seem to be in ...