#best of panels 2016

Why I Broke Up with Harley Quinn

Sara loved Harley Quinn, but realized that the character was defined by an abusive relationship and was not a positive representation of women.

3 Cat Manga Titles for Neko Atsume Fans

Are you a fan of Neko Atsume? Then you probably should look up these cat manga.

Reading Comics on a Budget

Struggling to read comics on a budget? Christine's got some tips to make it easier.

5 Graphic Memoirs to Pick Up Immediately

Have you given these graphic memoirs a try? If not, you should pick them up as soon as possible.

How Superman Saved My Life

Alice felt hurt by the depiction of Superman in Batman v. Superman because of how much the comics character means to her.

Beyond Bechdel: A Brief History of Queer Comics

Heather takes us on a brief history tour of queer comics.

Fat Chance: 7 Superheroes Who Could Use a Size Upgrade

Jon Erik thinks that these superheroes could use a size upgrade in the interest of body positivity and diversity in comics.

11 Comics to Read if You Loved Beyonce’s FORMATION

Loved Beyonce's FORMATION? Then you really need to read these comics.

Magically Queer Webcomics

Need some more queer webcomics featuring magical characters in your life? Well, of course you do.

Why I Haven’t Read the #HotArchie Reboot

María Cristina discusses why she hasn't read the Archie reboot, despite loving the series as a child.

Saying Goodbye to Marvel Unlimited

Jess discusses why she's breaking up with her Marvel Unlimited subscription.

Art Roundup: Rey from THE FORCE AWAKENS

A neat little collection of fab Rey fanart. Long live STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS!

Comics Helped Me Find a Life Worth Living

Leah discusses how comics helped her find a family and a place to belong and be seen.

Beyonce Should Be in an X-Men Movie

Katie discusses why Beyonce really needs to play Dazzler in the next X-Men movie.

Childhood Sexuality and Alan Moore

Monica looks at Alan Moore and Melinda Gebbe's LOST GIRLS and discusses the taboos within.