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20 YA Books for Older Teen Reluctant Readers

Looking for books for an older teen who is a reluctant reader? These YA titles will fit the bill.

The InbeTWEENers: 25 Great Books for Kids Between Middle Grade and Young Adult

Books for kids in that nebulous 11-13 age range.

100 Must-Read Generational and Family Novels

Reading about quirky/weird/mysterious kith and kin gives readers the ultimate voyeuristic peek into the secret anatomy of a family.

Summer 2017 YA Paperbacks

Slip one of these YA paperbacks into your reading life this summer.

Books to Read If You Love Veep

Political reads for fans of VEEP

Dig Into Genre With The Genreflecting Advisory Series

Genreflecting: a book series to help you dig deeper into new and favorite genres.

Changing Directions: A Reading List Inspired By A Huge Life Change

A reading list inspired by a Rioter's friend's decision to upend her life and travel the world.

Fighting the Suck: Writers’ Advice for Writers

A round-up of books that could inspire writers looking to push themselves in new ways.

LGBTQ Books for Middle Grade Readers

A round-up of books with LGBTQ characters for middle grade readers

32+ of Your Favorite Psychological Thrillers

We asked Book Riot readers to share their favorite psychological thrillers. Here is a round-up of over 32 of their favorites.

Around the World in 80 Books: A Global Reading List

Settle in for some armchair travel! This list will take you to the eighty most populated countries in the world.

45+ of The Funniest Books You’ve Ever Read

We asked for the funniest books Riot Readers have read and rounded them up into a nice, big, LOL-worthy reading list.

I Got Your Weird Right Here: 100 Must-Read Strange and Unusual Novels

100 book recommendations for people who like to read weird, unusual, strange novels

47+ of Your Favorite Books About Libraries

You answered the call and now we've got a nice reading list for you. Here are 47+ of your favorite books about libraries and librarians.

36+ of Your Favorite Books About The Undead