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Literary Tourism: Lima, Peru

We're heading to Lima, Peru, in this week's edition of Literary Tourism.

100 Must-Read Books about Libraries & Bookstores

Here's a list of 100 (!) books about libraries and bookstores, including fiction and history.

Literary Tourism: Indianapolis, Indiana

We're taking a stroll through Indianapolis, Indiana, to check out all of the literary tourism destinations.

What I Learned During My Year of Supporting Local Authors

What one reader learned during a year of trying to support local, lesser-known authors.

Lord, Show Me How to Say No to This: 30 Thoughts Booksellers Have When In a Bookstore Not Their Own

Thirty thoughts booksellers have when they're in bookstores that aren't their own.

What I Miss About Being a Bookseller

As someone who loves to read, having a job as a bookseller was pretty much the perfect job…most of the ...

21 Ways I Get My Hands on Books

I thought it might be interesting to make a list of the many ways I acquire books as an adult, now that I'm a book blogger, the internet is a thing, and audiobooks are available on formats other than cassette tapes.

Literary Tourism: San Francisco

I’m an Angeleno but I was born in Berkeley. Northern California is an old but distant friend with whom I ...

Literary Tourism: Ireland Outside of Dublin

Dublin gets most of the attention when discussing literary spots in Ireland, but there are also plenty of awesome libraries, ...

7 Cozy Chicago Bookstores

Chicago used to have a huge Borders on the corner of Michigan Avenue overlooking the Water Tower. It was one ...

Literary Tourism: Dublin

If you’re looking for a bookish destination, Dublin has you covered. With a literary tradition going back centuries, including being ...

The Do’s and Don’ts of Mixing Books with Booze

Let’s talk cocktail hour, shall we? I think that gin is a magical ingredient. I believe that, as the ads ...

Wishing For a Book Palace

I am not a city lover. I’m only a city tourist. I grew up in great tracts of space, rarely ...

Books and Bookstores: A Cure for the Homesick

If you think packing books for a vacation is difficult, I invite you to select the books you’d bring when ...

What are the Best and Worst States for Bookstore Lovers?

When it comes to bookstores, not all states are equal. We can all agree that when we are browsing bookstore ...