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Reading Pathways: 5 Books to Read by Jennifer Weiner

With more than a dozen novels with her name on them, Jennifer Weiner has a prolific catalog. And we've got the reading pathway to introduce you to her work.

Matchmaking, Arranged Marriages, And Meddling Families: 5 New Diverse Romantic Comedies

Romantic comedy movies are having a resurgence with the popularity of films like Crazy Rich Asians and To All The ...

Can I Be a Feminist and Still Enjoy Chick Lit?

Yes, yes you can. A reader discusses her surprise at finding a one-star review that stated, "As a feminist, I cannot enjoy chick lit."

Jane Fallon: Chick Lit With A Messed-Up Psychological Edge

Jane Fallon's books are funny, vicious, and filled with tales of women taking overcomplicated, melodramatic revenge. Call them chick lit with an edge.

5 British Books to Look Out For in September

Look out for these excellent British books being published in the U.S. this September.

Chick Lit: It’s Not All About Shoes (Though Shoes Are Awesome)

Five books that are classified as "chick lit" and show that the genre can be diverse in subject and seriousness.

What I Learned from Reading Chick Lit for Research

What an academic learned about chick lit while reading it for research.

Where Is “Chick Lit?”

What is -- and where is -- "Chick Lit?"

“Jane the Virgin” and The Trope of the Woman Reader

Allow me to be honest here: I haven’t been reading much lately. Instead, I’ve been watching a lot of Jane the Virgin. ...

Confessions of an Intense Thinker: On Reading the Shopaholic Novels

The two books on my nightstand, right this moment, are A Path Appears (the new book by the Pulitzer Prize ...

What is Chick Lit?

Wattpad writer Anna Bell shares her insight into the evolving world of chick lit in this special guest post. Get a taste of ...

What if Great Fiction Was Written for Ladies?

Yesterday, author Maureen Johnson challenged the Twitter hive-mind to chick lit-ify the classics.

The End of Cosmos: Chick Lit in the Recession Age

About this time last month, Entertainment Weekly ran an article about authors who avoid the “chick lit” label, highlighting the likes ...