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13 Books That Have Improved My Mental Health

One reader on 13 books that have been tremendously beneficial for their mental health.

9 Nonfiction Books About Depression: Finding Power on the Pages

From holistic approaches to evolutionary psychology perspectives, this list of nonfiction books about depression kicks off the exploration.

How CINDERELLA and Fairytale Magic Saved Me From Myself

A true story about Cinderella, Fairy Tales, and mental health.

6 Comics About Mental Illness

Fictional and autobiographical comics that illustrate how it feels to live with a mental illness.

5 Uplifting Books to Help You Feel A Bit Better About Everything

As much as each generation likes to think that they are living in more “uncertain times” than the last, the ...

How Sylvia Plath Helped Me Overcome Depression and Embrace Uncertainty

It took me two and a half years, but I finally finished reading The Unabridged Journals of Sylvia Plath. Long ...

4 Books That Are Not About Depression But Helped Me Anyway

A reader on four books that helped them on a journey toward healing. Find validation about life, love, and trauma in these four nonfiction titles.

Comics About Depression That Are Too Accurate To Ignore

Whether or not you struggle yourself, you'll want to pick up these comics about depression to better understand this complex, frustrating mental illness.

Powerful and Authentic Teen Books About Depression to Better Understand the Illness

As mental health books continue to appear on YA book shelves and more young people are talking about it, here are some of the best teen books about depression.

Self-Help Books For Depression

It’s that time of year, when even the most mentally healthy of individuals find themselves falling under the dark cloud ...

World Suicide Prevention Day: Books for Parents of Kids with Depression

Being a parent is hard, especially when your child or teen is suicidal. Here are some books that can help.

Navigating Depression With the Help of Romance Novels

How romance novels helped one reader deal with her depression.

What’s Your Bibliotherapy?

This past week, the New Yorker posed the question, “Can Reading Make You Happier?” I think we know it can, right? Reading can ...

Reading, Depression, and Me

Last month, Rioter Amanda wrote about the challenges she had while trying to read during a bout with depression. The ...

Genre Kryptonite: Therapy Memoirs

I’ll be honest: I have benefited from therapy and would probably benefit from more. Long-term, low-grade depression is part of ...