#diversity in literature

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On Taking a Cautious and Thoughtful Approach to Inclusion in Books

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I Can’t Find Myself: Navigating Homogenous Fiction for Diverse Readers

The term self-insert has always fascinated me. A character who’s a blank slate, who allegedly a group of diverse readers ...

People of Color in the Middle Ages: A Primer to Support Diversity in Fantasy

Medieval Europe was a racially and culturally diverse place, and fantasy based on the period should reflect that.

The Diversity Myth: Where Have All The Black Editors Gone?

Much like this year’s blindingly white selection of Oscar nominees, the overt lack of diverse representation in the publishing world ...

What Did Rory Read After Gilmore Girls Ended?

Did you know that Rory Gilmore read 339 books during 7 series of Gilmore Girls? 339. At first glance that’s ...

Overcoming Judging Books by Their Characters

I’ve been thinking about how the characters I read affect my reading habits. Often, the debate on likeable vs unlikeable ...

First Book CEO Discusses Diversity and the “Stories For All” Project

As the We Need Diverse Books campaign gained steam throughout May, one of the many questions asked was how to create ...