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Literary Tourism: Madison, Wisconsin

Get ready to go on a literary adventure through Madison, Wisconsin!

Literary Tourism in St. Louis, MO

I grew up in St. Louis, Missouri, so I’m very excited to share this literary tourism post of my very ...

Literary Tourism: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

There's no where else in the world quite like Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Let's take a literary tour of this amazing city.

5 Wonderful Literary Tourism Guidebooks

From mountains to forests, national parks to diagonal alleys, the UK has it all. Here's some of our favourite literary tourism guidebooks.

Literary Tourism: Eastern Iowa, With Indie Bookstores Galore

Take a tour of the indie book shops and cool literary locations of Eastern Iowa.

Literary Tourism: The Thriving Dallas Literary Scene

The Dallas literary scene is buzzing. Indie bookshops. Author readings. Smart literary publications. Even high tea, surrounded by curated coffee ...

Literary Tourism: Kansas City, MO

Although I’ve called Kansas City my home for the last five years, I’ll try to stay unbiased when I say ...

Literary Tourism: Providence, Rhode Island

Known as a “Creative Capital” throughout New England, it’s no surprise that Providence, Rhode Island is a fantastic location for ...

Literary Tourism: Montreal

Growing up in Montreal, I didn’t realize what a strange city it is. It doesn’t feel like the rest of ...

Literary Tourism: Argentina

Are you planning a trip to Argentina? There are multiple ways to ensure that your visit is as literary as ...

Literary Tourism: Scotland

Planning a trip to Scotland? Check out this itinerary of literary destinations in Scotland for bookish tourists.

Literary Tourism: The Book Towns of France

Imagine driving through the picturesque French countryside, observing sheep or vineyards or what have you, when you come across a ...

Literary Tourism: The Bookstore Bars and Cafés of Paris

There’s no doubt that Paris is a literary city, with bookish sites around every corner and a ton of bookstores ...

Literary Tourism: Fall River & New Bedford

I grew up near Fall River and New Bedford, in the Southcoast region of MA, 50 miles south of Boston. ...

Literary Tourism: Boston

Take a trip through the literary streets of Boston.