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Written In Residence: Books Written On Location

5 books written in residence--by authors on location--whether that's as a writer in residence or simply just somewhere that's not their home turf.

That First Time I Went To An American Bookstore

Sometimes the big moments in your life come when you least expect them. One of my moments came in a bookstore in El Paso...

Literary Tourism: Cleveland, Ohio

A newbie to Cleveland, Ohio, takes us on a literary tour of the city.

My Favourite Bookstagram Locations in the UK

Places around the UK that are ideal for taking photos of the books you are currently reading are highlighted and discussed.

Literary Tourism: The Baby-Sitters Club Pilgrimage Tour

Places to visit if you want to live our your childhood dream of being living in Stoneybrook and being a member of the Baby-Sitters Club.

Literary Tourism: Agatha Christie

Travel the world through the shoes of Agatha Christie (& those of her characters!)

Literary Tourism: Traverse City, Michigan

We're heading to Traverse City, Michigan, for this week's edition of Literary Tourism

Literary Tourism: Morocco

Join us on a literary tour through Morocco

Literary Tourism: Lima, Peru

We're heading to Lima, Peru, in this week's edition of Literary Tourism.

Literary Tourism: Indianapolis, Indiana

We're taking a stroll through Indianapolis, Indiana, to check out all of the literary tourism destinations.

Literary Tourism: Providence

I got to spend a long weekend in Providence, Rhode Island this month, and frankly, a long weekend wasn’t enough. ...

Literary Tourism: Montréal

So cool, so quirky, so utterly literary is the city of Montreal, that in the very midst of jotting down notes ...

Literary Tourism: Ireland Outside of Dublin

Dublin gets most of the attention when discussing literary spots in Ireland, but there are also plenty of awesome libraries, ...

Literary Tourism: Dublin

If you’re looking for a bookish destination, Dublin has you covered. With a literary tradition going back centuries, including being ...

Literary Tourism: Memphis, Tennessee

Barbecue. Blues. Elvis. Sun Studio. Stax Records. These are things that spring to mind when one thinks of Memphis, Tennessee, ...