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Weighing My Road Trip Books

If you were traveling without your personal and public library for at least six weeks, what books would you bring?

Maggie Nelson Busts Genres

On Maggie Nelson's Bluets and The Red Parts, works of genre-busting, unclassifiable non-fiction.

Not Your Mom’s Book: Adventures in Postpartum Reading

One new mother turned to books (obviously) to help her cope with unexpected challenges of parenting. Here are a few recommendations.

Quick Pick: April 8, 2016

A spotlight on one of the week's raddest new releases.

Reading Pathways: Maggie Nelson

Maggie Nelson is better known now than ever before, but she’s not well-known enough that her most ardent fans (myself ...

What Would Your Book Collection Say After You Die?

A fellow book-obsessed friend and I were talking today, and she brought up an interesting question: What would people think ...

Not-So-Typical Books about Motherhood

As a doula-in-training, a former ob/gyn office worker, and a maternal-child health writer/researcher, I’ve read my fair share of pregnancy/motherhood ...

Why I Came Back to Poetry

When I was in high school, like many angst-ridden, Plath-reading young women, I wrote poetry. Bad poetry, to be sure, ...