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100 Must-Read Books with One-Word Titles

A list of 100 Wonderful Must-Read Books with One-Word Titles from several genres and several amazing authors to help pump up your TBR.

100 Must-Read Classics in Translation

Gifts for fans of F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby.

100 Must-Read Books Featuring Animals in the Title

A list of 100 books from several different genres and for different age groups that feature a critter of some kind in the title.

100 Must Reads Of Magical Realism

Here are 100 magical realism must-reads and diverse recommendations, from novels to short story collections.

100 Must-Read Books for the Socially Awkward

Here are some suggestions of books for the socially awkward: books about loners, misfits, over-analyzers, introverts, and just the dismally uncool.

100 Must-Read Novels About Religion

These 100 novels about religion tell stories of devout believers from a variety of faiths and characters who struggle to believe at all.

100 Must-Read Bisexual Books

Tired of trying to find out if the “LGBT” book you want to read actually has any bisexual content? Check out these bisexual books of all genres!

100 Must-Read Books by Queer Authors

Looking for a reading list of queer authors to get started with? These 100 must-reads by queer authors is a great place to discover new and veteran writers.

100 Must-Read Indie Press Books

Excellent books published by wonderful independent publishers. Includes fiction, poetry, and memoir books.

100 Must-Read Medieval Historical Fiction Novels

A list of must-read medieval historical fiction novels set in Japan, the Middle East, England, and more.

100 Must Read Books About Revolutions, Rebellions, and Uprisings

Books about people who fought oppression in many forms.

100 Must-Read Travel Books

Find adventure from the comfort of your armchair with these 100 must-read travel books!

7 Must-Read Books Coming Out This Fall

Looking for some great new books to add to your TBR list? Check out these 7 highly anticipated, must-read books coming out this fall!

100 Must-Read Funny Novels

Farcical, satirical, and absurd novels to make you laugh!

100 Must-Read Middle Grade Fantasy Books From the Last 10 Years

Discover 100 recently-published middle grade books full of magic. Here are 100 must-read MG Fantasy novels published in the last ten years.