How Flawed is Acceptable?

The question remains valid. Are we allowed to appreciate flawed books? On the surface, the answer is a clear yes. Nothing is without flaws, after all.

Searing Literary Explorations About Racial Stereotypes

Language is the building block of stereotyping. These books and quotes dig into the ways racial stereotypes are baked into our every day vernacular.

Santa Monica Public Library Reads THE HATE U GIVE

A reader attended the Santa Monica Public Library's book club discussion about THE HATE U GIVE and shares the library's list of further reading.

Mudbound by Hillary Jordan: A Hard-hitting,Timely Read

On the timeliness of MUDBOUND by Hillary Jordan.

10 Ways To Be an Anti-Racist Reader

Looking to weave racial justice into your reading life? Here are ten tips to help you become a more actively anti-racist reader.

Inbox/Outbox: August 25, 2017

What books did you acquire (inbox) and finish (outbox) this week?

#ThingsOnlyWomenWritersHear and #WhatWoCWritersHear

Listen when people tell you about their experiences with racism and sexism in publishing.

3 Short Reads on Race and Activism

Read about racism, activism, and history in these three short nonfiction reads.

The Effects of Racism: A Reading List

A list of books that discusses how black people live and persist despite racism.

Against the “Serious Reader”

I would like to set fire to the term “serious reader” and throw its ashes into the sea. That is ...

Political Correctness and Comics in 2015

I’ve just read an article that told me to shut up. That they believe the status quo is good enough ...

Black Comics by Black Authors: A List

I was thrilled to learn that Strange Fruit, a new comic by J.G. Jones and Mark Waid about racism in ...

10 Rad Poetry Slam Videos You Must Watch

It’s National Poetry Month! Celebrate with these amazing poetry slam performances. “Black College” (Poets Unknown) On racial conformity and college: ...

The Broken Hugo Awards of 2015

Along with the Nebula Awards, the Hugo Awards are considered to be one of the two major awards for science ...

Yep. That Happened: Batgirl’s Unfortunate Sidekick

Barbara Gordon’s Batgirl had quite the debut in 1967. First, she showed up in January’s issue of Detective Comics where ...