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Robin Merch to Celebrate the Boy Wonder’s 80th

March 18th will mark Robin's 80th Anniversary as a member of the DC Comics Universe. Celebrate everyone's favorite sidekick with these Robin gifts.

Taking the Circus Out of the Boy: Looking at Robin’s Changing Past in Comics

Taking a look at Batman and DC Comics' Dick Grayson, otherwise known as Robin, and his history in and out of the circus.

Dick Grayson vs. Toxic Masculinity

Why readers fear Dick Grayson, and what it means for Nightwing: The New Order.

The Potential of Annie: What Minor Batman Characters Can Inspire

Priya Sridhar focuses on a minor Batman character: Annie the strange homeless girl had a strange past and a sad ending.

No Context Given: Robin Gets Batman Good and Wet

    Two pages before this, Robin eats a hot dog with great enthusiasm. Detective Comics¬†#571 (1987) Writer: Mike Barr, ...

Stephanie Brown and DC’s Treatment of Female Characters

Priya discusses the poor treatment of Stephanie Brown in DC Comics' history.

Stephanie Brown, DC Comics, and Female Characters

Priya discusses the poor treatment of Stephanie Brown in DC Comics' history.

Why I Like “Batman & Robin” And Why You Should Too

This is going to be such a popular article. I can just tell. So two days ago, I discovered that ...

Let’s Talk About That Titans TV Cast

So, we have our Titans, at least according to this Nerdist News segment, which offers up some exclusive tidbits on ...

Men (Not) in Tights

Martian Manhunter Blue Devil Black Condor Doll Man Grimbor Plastic man Yondu Robin Tyroc Red Tornado Metamorpho What have all ...

What is Nerdlesque: An Interview with Dangrrr Doll

Burlesque is not what was seen in that awful Cher/Christina Aguilera movie. It is performance art wherein the performer has ...

Read ‘Em: When Heroes Fail

Comic books grew up around larger-than-life heroes prevailing over both real-world and super-powered villains. Captain America punched out Hitler and ...

No Context Given: Star Spangled Comics #82

  Before the Batmobile, before the Redbird, there was… THIS SWING.

No Context Given: Star Spangled Comics #80

Dick Grayson is many things: Aerialist, Superhero, Detective. Singer/Songwriter is not one of them.

No Context Given: Start Spangled Comics #85

Batman has faced psychological threats from the likes of Joker, Scarecrow, and the Riddler. But he was unprepared for the ...