Read ‘Em: When Heroes Fail

Comic books grew up around larger-than-life heroes prevailing over both real-world and super-powered villains. Captain America punched out Hitler and ...

No Context Given: Star Spangled Comics #82

  Before the Batmobile, before the Redbird, there was… THIS SWING.

No Context Given: Star Spangled Comics #80

Dick Grayson is many things: Aerialist, Superhero, Detective. Singer/Songwriter is not one of them.

No Context Given: Start Spangled Comics #85

Batman has faced psychological threats from the likes of Joker, Scarecrow, and the Riddler. But he was unprepared for the ...

No Context Given: Star Spangled Comics #68

  Buying a random Street Tough’s clothing: $2 Buying his fishing rod: $1 Forgetting to take off your domino mask ...

No Context Given: BATMAN FAMILY #11

Robin forgot the first rule of weddings: Never outshine the bride.

No Context Given: BATMAN #21

Having grown up mostly friendless and alone, Batman is unsure of how to properly end a social visit.

Comics Fetish: Volume 1

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