#Sherlock Holmes

Book Fetish: Volume 283

Bookish goodies for your literary life.

Book Fetish: Volume 268 – Sherlock Edition

Bookish goodies (from Baker Street) for your literary life--the Sherlock Holmes edition!

Old Timey Author Audio Recordings

Want to hear Tolkien recite elvish, Conan Doyle talk about Sherlock, or Langston Hughes read poetry to jazz music? Read. On.

I Spent a Month Reading Sherlock Holmes Retellings

Six books that reimagine Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's iconic characters Sherlock Holmes, John Watson, and James Moriarty.

A Female Sleuth Reading List in Response to Sherlock’s Season 4

Frustrated with the sexism in new season of Sherlock? Read these awesome mysteries with female sleuths to feel better.

Fancasting Lucy Liu in Literary Classics

In the wake of Elementary's 100th episode, here are five literary classics that Lucy Liu deserves a starring role in.

Reading Pathways: Sherlock Holmes

Where to start with the work of Arthur Conan Doyle

Stopping By Baker Street: The Sherlock Holmes Exhibition

A peek at the Pacific Science Center's Sherlock Holmes Exhibition

Riot Recommendation: What’s Your Favorite Sherlock Retelling?

Come tell us your favorite Sherlock Holmes retelling or adaptation!

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Will the Real Irene Adler Please Step Forward

Even if you’ve never read any of the Sherlock Holmes stories, you probably know who Irene Adler is: “the woman,” ...

3 Streaming Shows for Sherlock Fans

We are creeping ever closer to the return of the BBC’s Sherlock. While I’ve been waiting, I’ve been searching for ...

LitKnits: Nine Literary Hat Patterns

Here in Maine, we’re smack-dab in the middle of a heatwave… but we’ll be firing up the woodstove soon enough, ...

Literary Tourism: Sherlock Holmes

For the average bibliophile, popping over to 221B Baker Street while in London or strolling past the statue of Sherlock ...