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Comics Fetish: Volume 92

Hide or find your wallets, then have a gander at this week's Comics Fetish, featuring Mega Man, Pokémon Go, Harley Quinn, and more!

In Praise of Expanded Universes

Why tie-in novels of sci-fi/fantasy/otherwise fictional universes are valuable.

No Context Given: Leia Kicks Butt

In this week's No Context Given: Leia kicks butt!

5 Fan Films To Satisfy Your Fandom Cravings

Latonya thinks you should check out these 5 fan films to satisfy your fandom cravings.

Comic Recommendations for THE FORCE AWAKENS Characters

We recommend comics for characters in Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Han Solo: Not the Romance Hero You’re Looking For

Jenn Northington and bestselling romance author Sarah Maclean discuss why Han Solo isn't a traditional romantic hero.

Why You Need to Read POE DAMERON #1

Have you read POE DAMERON #1 yet? If you love Star Wars, you really should be reading this series.

Art Roundup: Rey from THE FORCE AWAKENS

A neat little collection of fab Rey fanart. Long live STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS!

Talking Star Wars: An Interview with Chuck Wendig

Over on Panels, Emily talks to novelist and comic book writer Chuck Wendig about Star Wars, Hyperion, and other projects.

Talking Hyperion, The Shield and Star Wars with Chuck Wendig

Emily talks to novelist and comic book writer Chuck Wendig about Star Wars, Hyperion, and other projects.

Comics Fetish: Volume 85

Gird your wallets! Another edition of Comics Fetish, our roundup of the best geek gear from around the Internet, is here.

Comics Fetish: Volume 84

Check out Comics Fetish, a weekly selection of cool comics-related merch! But ya might want to hide your wallet before you click.

Star Wars Books and Comics to Read

Need some Star Wars book and comic recommendations? Star Wars fan (and Poe Dameron jacket wearer) Swapna Krishna can help.

Dear Comics Geek, Issue 1: Grading Comics and Marvel vs. Dark Horse

At long last, Brenna is back with the first edition of Dear Comics Geek, our advice column for all the comics nerds out there!

A Geek’s Guide to Disneyland

If you're a Star Wars fan, you may want to make plans to visit Disneyland in the near future.