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Stephen King’s Mist Approaches Again; Check Out the Trailer for the Upcoming Miniseries

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Beyond Harry Potter Bookstore Parties

Harry Potter bookstore parties were awesome. Why don't we do that for other books?

The Shining Is an Opera and I am Here for It

The complete operatic adaptation of Stephen King's The Shining is available through streaming audio until November 30.

The One Type of Villain That Really Terrifies Me

There are ways to defeat monsters. There aren't always ways to win against villains that are passively sanctioned by the system in which you live.

Dear Stephen King

A love letter to Stephen King('s fiction).

Dear Stephen King: Change the Ending of IT

Pretty please?

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Cool Bookish Places: The Stanley Hotel

A Rioter visits The Stanley Hotel, Stephen King's inspiration for THE SHINING

Stephen King and the Sixth Love Language

Have you read The Five Love Languages? It misses one, and it's one Stephen King knows well.

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Five books you'll want to own, even if you already read them via the library.

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A look at how three adaptations of Stephen King's CARRIE handle the ending, and why it matters.

EXCLUSIVE: Watch Stephen King Gush About His Love for Audiobooks

We're celebrating Audiobook Month with this exclusive video of Stephen King gushing adorably about why he hearts audiobooks!