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Pass/Fail: I Watched BLOODSHOT Which is a Thing That Happened

This is some Venom tier stuff, y'all. By which I mean I enjoyed the hell out of it. And BLOODSHOT is also VERY faithful to its source material.

Valiant’s Cat Cosplay Covers are PURRFECT

Valiant Comics is doing a series of comics featuring cat cosplay. Yes. CAT COSPLAY.

Quiz: Which Valiant Series Should you Read?

If you're not already reading Valiant comics, you should be. Thomas's handy dandy quiz will help you decide where to start!

How I Fell in Love with Valiant Comics

Thomas discusses how he fell in love with Valiant Comics, and why you need to give them a try if you haven't already.

FAITH Breaks the Rules for Fat Girls

Faith, from Valiant Comics, is fat. Let's talk about why that's important and how she's breaking "fat girl" rules.

Faith Is Breaking the Rules for Fat Girls

Faith is fat. Not the average, or just slightly bigger than, size usually called “fat” in media. Not the curvy best friend ...

FAITH #1: Comics’ Plus Size Superhero

This post was originally published at Panels, our sister site about all things comics! Check out more from them here. ...

Meet Faith from Valiant Comics

If you follow comics news, you probably have heard of Faith, also called Zephyr, from Valiant Comics. She’s a plus-size ...

Seven Comics for Doctor Who Fans

Doctor Who entered my life at just the right time in 2006. I love a good time travel story, and ...

Bonus Mailbag Comics Giveaway: September 2014

Every month, we comb through the mountains of book mail at Riot HQ and pick 10 great books to give ...