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The Erasure of Female Characters in Branded Merchandise

Where's Princess Leia? How about Jessica Jones or Wonder Woman? Oh, exclusively in the women's section. On the erasure of female characters in branded merchandise and why that's bunk.

Book Fetish: Volume 293

Bookish goodies for your literary life.

Female Superhero Movies Are Not “In A Rut”

There are as many female-led superhero movies total as there are Spider-Man movies. The claim that they're in "a rut" is basic nonsense.

9 Awesome Comic Book Coloring Books

Nine of the most fun, totally gorgeous comic book coloring books, from Marvel and DC to Image and webcomic originals.

Toxic Masculinity Ruined Superheroes for Me and Women Saved the Day

This is the story of how toxic masculinity ruined superheroes for a reader for years before some good stories and people could redeem them.

Book Fetish: Volume 281

Bookish goodies for your literary life.

Book Fetish: Volume 277

Bookish goodies for your literary life.

6 Comics Crafting Projects to Start Now for Christmas

Whether you knit or crochet, get an early start on your comics crafting projects for holiday gifting with these fun and creative projects.

Book Fetish: Volume 276

Bookish goodies for your literary life.

Why Wonder Woman’s Bisexuality Matters

Comics fans already know Wonder Woman is bisexual. Now there's a petition to portray this accurately in the new movie.

7 Comic Book Heroines Who Deserve Feature Films

The world needs more feature films with comic book heroines, and we have a few suggestions for who should get the next starring roles.

Kid-Sized Cosplay with a Cause

Photographer Josh Rossi photographs kids with severe illnesses dressed as superheroes.


Grisha trilogy author Leigh Bardugo talks about Themyscira, Amazon culture, and writing a feminist icon her new YA Wonder Woman novel, Wonder Woman: Warbringer.

Comic Book Characters Who Took a Stronger Stand Against Nazis than Donald Trump Did This Weekend

The correct response to Nazis is punching them in the face.

Book Fetish: Volume 266

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