The Week’s Most Popular Posts: July 11 – 15, 2016

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I loved horror as a kid. I read things that were age-appropriate (RIP, Lois Duncan) and not so much (Stephen King, John Saul, etc.). I loved feeling terrified by a fictional story in the safety of my real life and home. As an adult, however, I didn’t stop liking horror, I just forgot about it . . . until one night late last year, when I grabbed an unknown and dove in, and found again that rush I’d been missing all those years. Whether you’ve never tried it, you’ve lapsed like I did, or you’ve never lost that loving horror feeling, here are five of the best horror books to help you (re)discover the thrill of being scared witless.

from 5 of the Best Horror Novels to Make You Love Being Afraid by Maureen Stinger


When awful things are happening all over the news and your Facebook feed, sometimes books are exactly what you need. But how do you choose what to read when you’re feeling fragile or angry or depressed or confused? There are lots of ways to use reading to help you conquer or confront your difficult feelings, and there’s no one right way. Here are some suggestions of what to read and how it can help you.

from How to Read When the World is Terrible by Jessica Woodbury


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Compiling this list was an intense privilege, coupled with the pain of knowing that 100 books does not begin to cover the complete history of women in one country, let alone the entire world. I discovered amazing women who worked together or on their own to achieve remarkable things, and who suffered bottomless tragedies. They need to be remembered.

In 1979, the first women’s history conference was held at Sarah Lawrence College. In 2016, our history is still overwhelmingly male-centered.

from 100 Must-Read Titles About Women’s History by Alice Burton


Do you have a narrator that has made such an impression on you that you would listen to them read the phone book? What is about their voice that makes you want to listen to everything they’ve ever recorded? Have you ever listened to a book or author you’ve never heard of or that you’d never considered before just because of the narrator? Did you listen to a book narrated by someone unexpected (say, a celebrity) and fall in love with them (or with audiobooks in general) all over again?

I asked these questions of my fellow Book Riot contributors, and the list of answers includes tried and true narrators, British actors with diehard fandom followings, and a Tony award-winning author/composer/lyricist.

from 10 Audiobook Narrators We Can’t Get Enough Of by Cassandra Neace


Maybe your ideal summer reading has spaceships in it because the icy void of space is the perfect counterpoint to muggy 90 degree weather. Or maybe you like to read about vampires while you’re lying in the sun because you’re bloody-minded like that. Or maybe, when you’re on an airplane you’d rather pretend that you’re traveling by dragon. It’s cool. We get that.

With those things (spaceships, vampires, dragons and you) in mind, here is a list of 11 of this summer’s newest sci-fi and fantasy, listed in order of release date, for your summer reading pleasure. There are some standalones, the start of a new series, some eagerly-anticipated installments in (and conclusions to)  series, and a novella.

from 11 New Sci-Fi and Fantasy Books for Your Summer Reading Pleasure by AJ O’Connell


Not to scare you or anything, but 2016 is more than half over (of course, some of us are welcoming this news). We’ve already rounded up half of the year’s YA books, and now it’s time to move on to the books making their appearance on YA shelves between July and the end of September. What’s nice about this summer publishing period is that it’s slower, meaning that you can catch up with the pile of titles you’ve accumulated from earlier in the year.

from 164 YA Titles for Your July – September Radar by Kelly Jensen

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